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High Waist Slim Mom Jeans

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Zaruhi's story

I am always having hard time find jeans , all the time forever. I still have not found that one pair you dont wanna take off and just wear all the time. If you have any suggestions, go ahead.!! This pair comes very close. the fit and style is amazing. It has a mint color in it, which is kind of nice , but a little too much for me. since I usually do not like color. I have recently ordered W26 from Asos and had to return it , cause guess what my butt and tights did not fit. So this one is W 28 and i am very happy with the fit of hips and tights. However the waist is a little big, but that is just fine.

Item fit: Size: US-6

My Size > Bust: 34 in Waist: 26 in Hip: 40 in

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