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RB3447 50 Round Metal (Polarized)

Zaruhi's story

Ray-ban - always rocks! And these ones are my favs. I was not buying them for a very long time, thinking that they are too small for my face. The only problem was i was trying them with my hair in a bun. And one day , 6 months ago I went to Sunglass Hut in NYC and tried them on , with regular hair and they were perfect. I got the polarized ones, but I was told they usually have the non polarized ones for 150 USD. They are very high in quality - believe me i drop them all the time. Also Sunglass Hut has a really good on-going Customer Service, so I would def recommend buying from them.

My Size > Bust: 34 in Waist: 26 in Hip: 40 in

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